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Натурална козметика

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Anti-insects herbal mosquito repellent spray for babies and kids 100 ml, Bio G

BIO G’s Herbal mosquito repellent is specially designed to protect your baby’s skin from mosquito bites and other insects. It can be used also by young children and pregnant women. The essential oils we use in this product are known in traditional medicine as mosquito repellent.They have strong bactericidal and antiseptic propert..

14.50 лв. Ex Tax: 14.50 лв.

arbu Lipstick, 4.2 g

Lip Balm 100% organic ingredientsA rich blend of organic plant oils that nourish and soften dry and cracked lips, a result of excessive exposure to sun, wind and cold.Use: Apply on clean and dry lips.Ingredients: Simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, macadamia integrifolia seed oil*, cera alba*, camellia ..

14.00 лв. Ex Tax: 14.00 лв.

BABY BALM – protects delicate baby skin from the cold, wind and adverse weather conditions

BABY BALM – protects delicate baby skin from the cold, wind and adverse weather conditions, in erythema baby’s bottom. The combination of these herbs and oils has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic activity, soothes, softens and heals the skin.Ingredients: Oil extract of calendula, chamomile, St. John’s wort and lavender, a..

7.90 лв. Ex Tax: 7.90 лв.


Ingredients: cocoa butter, grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, vegetable glycerin, cera alba (beeswax), silver water, Vit E, essential oils of cinnamon, cypress, lavender, rosemary ..

18.90 лв. Ex Tax: 18.90 лв.

Deo Crystal Natural Mineral Deodorant Stick 110 g

Deo Crystal Natural Anti-odeur Mineral Deodorant Stick 110 g ..

13.90 лв. Ex Tax: 13.90 лв.

Diaper care - cream with kukui nut oil and shea butter

Балсам при смяна на пелениПредпазва нежната бебешка кожа от зачервяване, създава защитен слой и успокоявакожата, ако е раздразнена.В съчетание маслата от карите, кукуи и рицин защитават и успокояват кожата, попиватдобре без да оставят мазен слой върху нея. Създават идеална бариера срещу външнивъздействия без ..

6.50 лв. Ex Tax: 6.50 лв.

Exfoliating Soap with subtle natural Sage scent rich in organic essential oils 'Little Rose Fields', 70g

Exfoliating Soap with subtle natural sage /Salvia Officinalis/ scent - no artificial perfume - only pure organic essential oils used. Made with organic oils such as olive and coconut.Perfect after a long day in the garden - Olive and almond ground kernels help to gently remove your garden residues and leave your skin smooth and moistened...

9.90 лв. Ex Tax: 9.90 лв.